A Chronicle of Green Paper, Part One

First step, coated flax paper with bright green pigment!  Let the papers dry outside.   These are handmade from a mixture of flax and cotton fiber (4:1) and spur-dried, which leaves them with a nice toothy surface.

After they are fully dry, i either leave them flat (relatively) or crumple them.

The crumpled papers being dipped into a bucket of walnut hull dye.  The flat sheets (not shown) are brushed with dye on both sides.

Crumpled paper with walnut dye, outside to dry

Paper and grass.  Wonder where I got the idea for these colors?  These sheets are coated with walnut dye and are drying outside the studio.

Last coat, gelatin size over the walnut, drying again.  Now they sound crispy and have a nice sheen.  Will take these and flatten them in a stack dryer.

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