Researching “Theatrum Botanicum” for the exhibit “Micrographia”

In Fall of 2015, I was invited by the Center for the Book at the University of Iowa to create a book art  related work based on an early Scientific book that would be chosen for me.  To research this project, I had the pleasure of paging through two copies of Theatrum Botanicum, one at UNC’s … More Researching “Theatrum Botanicum” for the exhibit “Micrographia”

Green Paper, part two…

Green flax and cotton paper, colored with mixtures of turquoise and yellow-green pigments, coated with  walnut dye and gelatin sizing.  Some sheets are crumpled for more irregular patterning. and below….small sheets of translucent, overbeaten abaca with imbedded spring plants, like daffodils and buds. Some are pale green or yellow. Approximately 8 1/2 x 11″.

A Chronicle of Green Paper, Part One First step, coated flax paper with bright green pigment!  Let the papers dry outside.   These are handmade from a mixture of flax and cotton fiber (4:1) and spur-dried, which leaves them with a nice toothy surface. After they are fully dry, i either leave them flat (relatively) … More